UTON Smart Cloud Storage

Private storage, record the good life

There is a kind of security which is to give you double protection

LQSM1.0 (Linux) system, encrypted transmission through the exclusive SDVN virtual safety net. UTON intelligent cloud storage, with powerful data cleaning and anti-ddos attack capabilities. At the same time, UTON Smart Cloud Storage can enable double backups for important folders and double protection for important data. The R&D and design of related products in terms of security strategy, data encryption, and private privacy are at the domestic leading level.

The brand-new exterior design blends Chinese and Western

UTON smart cloud storage adopts the integration of classical aesthetics and modern Chinese and Western technology elements, full of aesthetics, and emphasizes that consumers have great innovations and breakthroughs in convenience in use.

Sturdy protection, large figure and large capacity, built-in silent fan and chimney-type heat dissipation structure make the personal cloud more stable.

Your home smart cloud data center

Small figure, but can save the mountains, rivers and sea

Map album function, file clustering, filtering,

Search and other functions effectively use storage space

Let you quickly and accurately find everything you want

and automatically back up all content, making your life easier.

A product and service ecosystem based on the addition and integration of blockchain

UTON intelligent cloud storage, professional deployment covering mainstream blockchain technology architecture

Provide corresponding data encryption to protect the privacy algorithm of transaction data

Blockchain encryption algorithm provides UTON smart cloud security

It also minimizes storage requirements by writing (encrypted) content only once, thus respecting privacy restrictions.

IPFS distributed storage system nodes are connected quickly in the 5G era

HDD 3.5"&"2.5HDD/SSD Type

Equipped with Gen10 Display (GPU) Gigabit Ethernet port, integrating ABC/IoT/5G and other technologies

Can handle multiple tasks at the same time, without interfering with each other, convenient and fast, stable operation

Build IPFS distributed storage system node

Nodes can be automatically discovered, allowing you to store all kinds of files in the IPFS network.

Remote access and carry data with you

As long as you have a mobile phone or computer by your side

You can access your personal cloud at any time no matter where you are

Get files, always grasp business opportunities

Remote access, one-click backup, wired network card, intelligent management.

One device shared by family members

Baby photo album, dont miss every growth space of your child.

Independently have password accounts and separate spaces to ensure that data privacy is not infringing on each other.

Simple operation is easier to use

It is designed for water white users

Build a personal cloud in a short time

It is so simple that the elderly can use it in minutes.

Multi-device access, share anytime.