Pad flagship dual screen folding design

Pay on one side, return on both sides, unlimited business opportunities

Folding tablet design, 8-inch main screen + 8-inch sub-screen, 1920 * 1280 resolution, 10-point touch, the picture is more exciting!

Pure Metal Integrated Design

full of details, really restrained

Pure metal shell wear-resistant and non-slip, fine craftsmanship, noble quality

Personality and elegance, magnify your noble care

Geomagnetic + acceleration sensor, 256 + 8GB Emcp

Open your exclusive door, storage security is guaranteed

MediaTek 8788 chip, reconstruction performance comes first

New Generation MediaTek 8788 Chip

significantly improve intelligent technology, intelligent distribution of computing power, faster and better


The touch between fingers and zero distance moves the world one step further and makes the future infinitely possible!

Android 10.0 system, the starting point is higher

Super fast charging function, strong style as always

Let you feel the passion and pleasure brought by wisdom and speed

Super-sensitive dual camera lock image, make life more exciting

40 million pixels, use extraordinary images to help you open the space of visual imagination

System language

Support Chinese, American, Japanese, Korean and other languages