UTON sensor

UTON five-in-one outdoor blockchain sensor, UTON portrait, fingerprint, ID card collection sensor, UTON water quality collection sensor, UTON environmental monitoring sensor total

UTON five-in-one outdoor blockchain sensor

UTON five-in-one outdoor blockchain sensor is a new generation of smart sensors independently developed by Heshu Group,

Creatively combine blockchain technology with sensors,

Synchronously monitor five data of temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction and wind speed, the data will be stored on the chain in real time,

record the block height and data fingerprint to provide users with a high level of accuracy and security,

Combined with intelligent recognition, edge computing and other technologies, it can help you link everything, perceive the era, and enjoy life.

UTON Portrait·Fingerprint·ID Card Collection Sensor

Reading and collecting all information of the second-generation ID card

ID card fingerprint verification and collection sensor

High-definition face comparison, near-infrared face acquisition sensor

Original high-precision fingerprint recognition technology, high-precision capacitive fingerprint sensor, clear imaging and fast acquisition speed

The misjudgment rate is low, the recognition rate is high, and it supports rotating fingerprints

Dry/wet/rough fingers have good imaging quality, suitable for a wide range of people

One-piece imported aluminum alloy anodized shell design, anti-corrosion, high-end and delicate.

UTON water quality collection sensor

Independent research and development of professional water quality detection collection pen, high speed and effective

Residual chlorine detection and collection, dissolved oxygen detection and collection, conductivity detection and collection, PH value detection and collection

Online turbidity detection collection, wireless WIFI, Bluetooth, USB data transmission collection

Integrated imported aluminum alloy anodized shell design, anti-corrosion, high-end and delicate

UTON Environmental Monitoring Sensor Assembly

(temperature and humidity sensor and smoke collection sensor)

High-precision imported temperature and humidity wireless acquisition sensor, WI-FI, Bluetooth wireless transmission

±0.5℃, visual data analysis

High-precision smoke probe, accurate and efficient smoke prediction and alarm

Externally connect optional detection of CO2 concentration, timely ventilation, keep air freshness at all times

Detect HCHO, TVOC concentration, and detect all harmful gases

Applicable to various scenarios, real-time transmission of detected air quality information through wireless data to save, APP can be viewed at any time, let you know the environment well.

New integrated aluminum alloy anti-fall and corrosion-resistant design, as well as a high-capacity battery, with a battery life of 5 years