A portable hardware cold wallet

that protects digital assets in all aspects

€256 = $288

A big step of a small wallet

1.92 inch HD screen

Anti-misoperation physical buttons

All-metal body

Hot and cold end separation

Cold-end build transactions and signatures, hot-end networking broadcast transactions

Anti-tamper technology

Once the external disassembly attack is identified

the data deletion program will be automatically started to prevent the information from being stolen

Safety chip

Secure the information by using the CC-EAL5+ authentication chip

to store the private key and password independently

Backup and restore

The hardware wallet stores the private key if it is lost or stolen

you can use the 12 words provided during device initialization to recover the account in the UTON series wallet

and securely manage your encrypted assets again

Manage more than 30 high-quality digital assets

Constant iterative update

System language

Support Chinese, American, Japanese, Korean and other languages