UTON Smart Cloud Storage

Private storage, record the good life

Security with double protection

LQSM1.0 (Linux) system, encrypted transmission through exclusive SDVN virtual security network. UTON Smart Cloud has strong data cleaning and anti-ddoS attacks and other capabilities.
UTON Smart Cloud does not save all important files in local private cloud. It can enable double backup and double protection for important data.

Graceful appearance level integrating Chinese and western styles

UTON Smart Cloud integrates classical aesthetics with modern Chinese and western science and technology elements, full of beauty, emphasizing that consumers have great innovation and breakthrough in the convenience of use.

Solid protection, large body and large capacity, built-in silent fan, chimney type heat dissipation structure to make personal cloud play more stable.

Your home smart cloud data center

Small figure, but can save the mountains, rivers and sea

Map album function, file clustering, filtering,

Search and other functions effectively use storage space

Let you quickly and accurately find everything you want

and automatically back up all content, making your life easier.

Blockchain encryption algorithms provide UTON Smart Cloud security

UTON Smart Cloud professional deployment covers the mainstream blockchain technology architecture

providing corresponding data encryption to protect the privacy of the transaction data algorithms

Multiple copies of one piece of data are written, stored across data centers, and cached across data centers. Combined with the UTON Smart Cloud blockchain architecture and algorithm

the content is written only once (encrypted) to minimize storage requirements, thus respecting privacy restrictions and ensuring business stability, durability and trustability

IPFS distributed storage system node

UTON Smart Cloud uses distributed storage of IPFS to abandon traditional centralized storage.

After multiple encryption and backup of blockchain technology, it is not easy to tamper with and lose.

The IPFS protocol allows users to upload and download files from multiple hard disks around the world using spare bandwidth,

which is more reliable, faster and cheaper than traditional storage.

Remote data accessing

As long as you have a mobile phone or computer next to you

you can access your personal cloud to access your files at any time from anywhere

and always seize the opportunity

Remote access, one-key backup, wired network card, intelligent management.

Fast transmission, supporting directory, stable and reliable

UTON Smart Cloud services enable users to create a personal/enterprise storage ecosystem that enables data creators and property rights holders to control the value generated by their data and traffic,

return benefits to their roots and assign rights to their owners. Large-scale distributed accelerated network based on self-built nodes, fast and stable upload speed, support large traffic concurrent upload, authentication access, sharing devices, easy to play cloud storage.

Smart Cloud data center

UTON Smart Cloud is capable of intelligent connectivity, realizing the loading of Internet cloud services, forming a typical "cloud + end" architecture with added value such as big data, providing a powerful and flexible user experience, and improving remote and mobile productivity.

Small body with large capacity. Map album features, file clustering, filtering, search and other features effectively use storage space, which let you quickly and accurately find everything you want, and automatically back up all content, making your life easier.

Multiple device access, sharing files anytime

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